Business Process Management


Business Process Management

“The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.” – Aristotle

Almost every business leader can focus on eliminating troublesome underlying problems in organizational performance through the power of Business Process Management (BPM). Akili’s Business Process Management team equips you to drive organizational performance by creating and leveraging the competitive advantage of organizational agility.

Organizational Agility is defined as the ability to act more decisively and implement more effectively than your competition when it comes to executing market-responsive changes to both manual and technology-enabled business processes.

Akili believes that good organizational agility results from the alignment and balance between a company’s people, process, and technology.


Akili’s offerings:

  • Business Process Modeling
    • Facilitated workshops to drive “Current State” process models
  • Business Process Analysis and Design
    • Analysis of “Current State” models and identifying gaps and vision to drive “Desired State” process models
  • Organizational Change Management
    • From Stakeholder identification to communication of messages to user adoption, our OCM practice offers a comprehensive “human factors” element to ensure successful completion of projects

Webcast Replays:


What Executives Need to Know About Business Process Management

Akili’s Business Process Management services are focused on helping our clients establish business processes that deliver results including Enhanced Organizational Agility. VIEW NOW


Business Process Mapping & Modeling

Learn how Akili can help you power through critical discovery and modeling activities quickly and efficiently with deliverables (artifacts) that contain the essential data that will be leveraged to complete the next step of process analysis. VIEW NOW


Business Process Analysis

Learn how a solution implementation roadmap of prioritized improvement opportunities is created from the well-documented process models (maps). VIEW NOW



Organizational Change Management

Learn how proactive Stakeholder Impact Analysis is used to develop a robust Communication Plan that fosters the level of Adoption and Usage required to accelerate the realization of program/project benefits. VIEW NOW