Organizational Change Management


“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” – Jack Welch

At Akili, we couldn’t agree more, which is why we place our ability to assist our clients with Organizational Change Management at the forefront of our service offerings.

Akili’s Organizational Change Management solutions assist your company with transitioning individuals and team to the desired future state. A key component of this is using basic structures and tools to control the organizational change efforts, thereby maximizing benefits and minimizing the negative impact that change can have on those who undergo it.

Our Organizational Change Management solutions include project phases where the client’s new IT solution is formally introduced to the company and adopted through various Change Management techniques.

Several years ago, SAP conducted a survey of 186 technology implementations, which found that there were two leading barriers to the successful implementation. These were:

  1. Inadequate skills and training
  2. Organizational resistance

This survey, alongside many other studies that have been conducted around the world, show that human performance, rather than technology, is the leading cause of failure to achieve the desired results in terms of system implementation. This is nothing new and as such, can be avoided altogether.

The achievement of real success in technology implementations therefore depends upon how well the project teams address the three critical elements of project readiness, which include: People, Process, and Technology.

Akili executes on the fundamental belief that to be successful we have to 1) get the people ready, 2) get the process ready, and 3) get the technology (system) ready.

People process system Organizational Change Management

In this way, Akili is capable of enabling your organization and its people to make the transition period as smooth and successful as possible, thereby maximizing the benefits of the change, without suffering any negative impact.

Akili’s offerings:

    • Process Mapping
    • Business Process Re-engineering
    • Training
    • Communication
    • Data Stewards
    • Internal audit
    • SOX
    • Process Execution
      • SigmaFlow