Hosted Services


Akili’s Hosted Services enable you to eliminate the need for costly hardware, as well as the administrative pain that goes along with it.

Our Hosted Services can reduce costs, while improving cash flow no matter whether you’re just starting out or are already operating on a large scale.

Akili’s offerings:

  • Project services to deliver and support a new hosted software system infrastructure during a new implementation (Pre-Go Live).
  • Project services to transition an existing software system from an existing system to a new hosted system infrastructure. The system is normally in production (Post-Go Live) with the goal being to minimize disruption during the Final Cutover.
  • Project services to implement Change Requests to an existing hosted system that are not included in the current Service Level Agreement (SLA). These changes require the execution of either new SLAs or addendums to existing SLAs (Post-Go Live).
  • Operational Service Support, Delivery Services, and Change Requests that are included in the current SLA (Pre- and Post-Go Live).